Hairdo Fashion Hair

Founded as Eva Gabor International in 1968, HairUWear is the number one alternative hair company in the world, providing the industry’s most highly regarded, fashion forward, quality wigs, hairpieces, hair extensions, hair accessories and hair replacement programs. Hair Products Galore offers you thiere state of the art Hairdo Fashion Hair and Tru2life Wigs to help you add the ultimate fashion accessory!

Simply Straight 18 inch Human Hair Pony features a strip of hair that wraps around to conceal where the ponytail meets your own hair. Wear the Pony high or low is a new instant ponytail in the luxury you have been waiting for. The Pony clips in and ankers on top of your own pony for extra support.

Hairdo Simply Wavy 18″ Pony attaches with a unique comb and velcro attachment. The comb slides securely between your hair and ponytail holder while the velcro and pre-designated hair section wrap around the attachment point for a look that incredibly seamless.

100% Human Hair Bang is NOW offered in high quality human hair so you can achieve any look you want. The monofilament crown connects the fringe and longer layers to sweep back to blend right into your hair. Attaches with 3 pressure-sensitive clips.
Change your look in a flash with this lash-skimming fringe!

The Modern Fringe Clip In Bang by Hairdo is an easy-to-attach 4″ fringe hairpiece with face-framing sides and a natural part at the top for seamless blending. Modern Fringe allows you to add a fringe bang to any hairstyle without having to commit to cutting your own hair. The hair is specially designed at the top to be brushed or combed back, making the attachment virtually invisible.

Top of Head Hairpiece by Hairdo is practical little hair piece that makes a volume of difference! Clip it in for coverage and added volume or use it to cover up your roots in between touch ups. An easy-to-attach 4″ fringe hairpiece with face-framing sides and a natural part.

Style a Do and Mini Do is virtually an undetectable hair wrap that can be put in and taken out in a matter of minutes. All color selections are made from a blend of seven to 12 shades to get the most believable sleek, trendy updo.

This piece has a user-friendly attachment that allows a woman to get a polished updo without having to go to the salon.

French Braid Band by Hairdo is a perfect accessory to any hairstyle,
any time, any day. The French Braid Band is braided hair on an
elastic band making it easy to place on and comfortable the entire day!

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