A.S.P. Affinage Professional Hair Color & Systems


Off-Scalp Colour Highlighting

INFINITI® b:RED® Series is an off-scalp colour highlighting system that delivers intense red highlights on natural and coloured hair in just 15 minutes without pre-lightening. 


Radiant, Multidimensional Colour .2% Ammonia

· Advanced breakthrough formula with DATEM PLUS® Technology
· Shea Butter & Argan Oil add protection, suppleness & incredible shine for beautiful, healthier looking hair


High Lift

Extra Lightening Shades

INFINITI® High Lift Series offers up to 4-5 levels of pure lightening. Advanced breakthrough formula with DATEM PLUS® Technology, Choose from Essentially Natural, Cool & Sultry & Sun-kissed & Sophisticated shades.



No Lift Action, Colour Deposit Only

INFINITI® Gothic Series incorporates 1 black and 4 grey deposit-only permanent shades. Advanced breakthrough formula with DATEM PLUS® Technology.

Affinage Infiniti Intensives


Off-Scalp Colour Highlighting

INFINITI® b:BROWN® Series is an off-scalp colour highlighting system that delivers intense brown highlights on natural and coloured hair in just 15 minutes without pre-lightening.

Affinage Infiniti Intensives

The INFINITI® Intensives

Seven pure concentrated unoxidized pigments can be used to intensify or subdue any permanent or tone-on-tone hair color, giving hairdressers the power to create a customizable variety of color palettes.

When an INFINITI® Intensives shade is mixed with a permanent or tone-on-tone color that uses a developer, allowing the tone to remain in the hair for the entire longevity of the color itself. 

INFINITI Metallics

The Metallics collection is a deposit-only color is for use on pre-lightened clean blonde hair (no yellow tones) and includes eight shades. Each shade must be used with the Metallic Activator in order for the pigments to develop properly for a true metallic result.

Blonde T2 Toners

INFINITI Toners is a range of pastel toners, suitable for use on
pre-lightened hair to create soft beautiful cool or warm tones.



System Blonde

ASP System Blonde is a complete ANIT- YELLOW  System offering your client to be the blonde she or he always wanted to be.

The product range includes Lightener, Anti-Yellow Creme Booster, Back Bar Treatments & Home Care. System Blonde is the rage in many or our salons. Try it and see for Yourself!


System Blonde Ultra-Lifting Powder Lightener – lightens up to 9 levels.

System Blonde Powder Lightener 7 Levels comes in White & Blue.



System Blonde Powder Lightener 7 Levels comes in White & Blue.


Color Dynamics

Ultra Semi-Permanent Colour.

• Semi-permanent creative color that lasts 6 to 10 washes.
• DATEM PLUS® Technology boosts color penetration for beautifully even, fade-resistant results.
• Conditioning, shine inducing formula with Shea Butter & Argan Oil nourishes, strengthens & protects.
• More than 90% naturally derived ingredients, obtained from sustainable & renewable sources.


A true semi-permanent colour that delivers exceptional
shine & vibrancy.
HotShotz is a true semi-permanent hair colour with 9 wonderful shades in an advanced creme base. 
HotShotz illuminates and intensifies existing permanent or semi-permanent hair colour and enhances natural hair colour in only 3 – 20 minutes.

No peroxide, no ammonia and no mixing. HotShotz gently provides beautiful condition and colour.

Satin Semi Colour

 Ammonia Free Tone on Tone
Colour Technology
Infiniti Satin is a range of 30 intermixable, ammonia free tone on tone shades. It is an ideal introduction to first-time colouring, gradually washing away and giving minimal re-growth. It is also suitable for clients not requiring a full permanent colour.

Alfaparf Infiniti Satin


Spirit Lights

Spirit Lights, an off the scalp system that lightens natural or colored hair up to three levels while delivering natural-looking subtle blonde effects. The system consists of four pigment additives: blue, violet/silver, beige and brown. Each contains moisturizing oils and protective corn protein to help leave hair in optimum condition.


Spectrum Highlighting System

Spectrum lightens & tones the hair during a single process, allowing you to achieve incredible results in just 2-12 minutes!

The Spectrum system comprises the Lightening Powder, 6 beautifully fragranced Pigments, and a choice of 3 strengths of Activator (8, 22, and 30 vol), which can be used to achieve up to 5 levels of lift.



You can now obtain either permanent coloring or ‘tone on tone’ without the need to stock both products, reducing your stockholding value and saving you money. Even if you already have a range of tone-on-tone colours, Converter will expand your palette by enabling you to use other shades from your existing permanent range.

Affinage Quick Pig

Quick Pigments

The fastest way to Revitalize Tired Color.

Quick Pigment Spray deposits pure pigment prior to color correction & re-coloration of bleached, lightened, or porous hair.


Colour Your Way

A creative color thickener that allows you to customize the viscosity of color and lightening products to suit your chosen application technique. Powder or Liquid



 Eraser is as easy to apply as it is to remove, and with 100% removal of broken down colour molecules you can rest assured that when you re-colour the results will be everything you hoped for.
Unlike other colour removal systems the low pH level of Affinage Eraser conditions your hair, leaving it in better condition than when you started.


Mode Color Care

Daily Protection Against Colour Fade
with Argan Oil, Shea Butter, Panthenol & UV Filters

MODE ColourCare Shampoo is the perfect way to cleanse, hydrate & protect colour-treated hair. This gentle sulphate-free, daily shampoo adds strength, elasticity & incredible shine while helping to extend colour life.


Kitoko Oil Treatment

Kitoko Oil Treatment is a blend of Karite and Argan oils, richer in antioxidants, Omega oils, and Vitamins A & E than other oils. This sensory oil treatment is perfectly balanced to the hair and scalp, resulting in incredible absorption and rapid penetration without adding weight to the hair. Essential fatty acids nourish the hair from within to stimulate incredible condition, elasticity and shine.


    Kitoko Oil Cleanser & Balm

    Kitoko Oil Treatment Cleanser and Balm provide a daily cleansing and care regimen, the Kitoko Oil Treatment Cleanser & Balm combines African plant extracts and Electron Acceptor Technology to nourish and hydrate the hair and scalp. Smectic Clay removes impurities from the hair, and a combination of Green Tea, Fire Tulip, and Vitamins A & E provide anti-oxidants.

    Kitoko Age Prevent

    Kitoko Age-Prevent combines nourishing botanical extracts with unique technology to help combat the signs of ageing hair:Thinning Breakage Split Ends Lacklustre Colour Dryness Frizzy or Unruly White Hairs.

    Helps to restore strength & reduce breakage leaving the hair thicker, softer, radiant & revitalised. Tamarind extract protects, nourishes & repairs the hair.

    KITOKO ARTE Styling

    A New Standard in Hair Styling

    Kitoko® ARTE blends botanical extracts & unique technologies that nourish & protect the hair & scalp; creating those ultimate beauty assets – shine, volume & movement.

    These high performance styling & finishing formulations allow you to create highly customised hairstyles while respecting the integrity of the hair fibre, protecting & enhancing it’s natural beauty.

    Kitoko® ARTE formulations are colour-safe & free from silicones, parabens & mineral oils

    Dry Mud · Control Freak · Funky Clay · Push up · Shamrock ·Tasty Paste · Funky Styler · Volume Lotion · Air Loader · Dirt Works · Root Booster · Tough Stuff · Curl Cream · Bubble Gum · Glazier · Salt Spray

    MODE Styling

    MODE Styling Line is complete and fun!

    We have everything you need for all typ.es of hair and styling needs. Try our Dry Mud · Control Freak · Funky Clay · Push up · Shamrock ·Tasty Paste · Funky Styler · Volume Lotion · Air Loader · Dirt Works · Root Booster · Tough Stuff · Curl Cream · Bubble Gum · Glazier · Salt Spray.  You will fall in love with Mode Styling and the Price$$

    Vita Plex

    The System that Replicates & Rebuilds the Natural Structure of Hair.
    A revolutionary 3-part biomimetic system that allows you to lighten & colour without compromising the integrity of the hair. VITAPLEX protects the hair during the chemical process, minimising breakage, reducing cuticle damage & improving elasticity.

    REBUILDS the hair’s natural structure.
    PROTECTS against damage & breakage during colouring & lightening.
    INTENSIFIES colour results & boosts lift.
    REDUCES cuticle damage.
    HAIR looks & feels significantly healthier.


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